Hello! Welcome to the blog for Full Permission Nutrition. My name is Lisa Lombardini and I am a Registered Dietitian sharing how all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle, diets are a thing of the past, and help you find that a positive relationship with both your body and food is not only possible, but sustainable.

If you followed along with my recipes and blog posts over at Sequins and Sushi, thank you for coming over here to support me in this new chapter! I wanted to start fresh with a new blog and brand, as my views and opinions around nutrition and health have changed over the years - as I am sure they will continue to evolve from here on as well. I will be posting many of my recipes on here under a Recipe tab, so never fear - my favorite recipes will still be here!

I am hoping to have my nutrition services up and running soon, so check back for those! I have always wanted to help others with nutrition counseling and I am excited to be able to offer that virtually. I am working hard at getting that ready for you all, stay tuned.

Again, welcome!

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